CLX Rattan Maple 48″ Round Nose Tread W/Return


CLX Rattan Maple 48″ Round Nose Tread W/Return

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Product/Part Type: 48" Round Nose Tread W/Return
Part Article Number: FRVP7RMRFT48RTN
Floor Article Number (SKU): RVP7RM
Floor Type: Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank
Product Color: CoreLuxe
Collection: CoreLuxe
Price: 69.99

About This Finish: Step into a space where every ascent is a curated experience, creating a staircase that captivates with its modern flair and enduring appeal. Introducing our new, all-in-one product designed to transform your staircase into an elegant and safe masterpiece. With its stylish round nose design, each step exudes sophistication and purpose. But that's not all! Our product includes an exquisite 18" round return cap, adding the finishing touch to your staircase. Elevate your space with a product that enhances not just your staircase, but the entire experience of your home.

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Introducing a new, one-piece product that goes beyond functionality to elevate your staircase into a stunning showcase of elegance and safety. Immerse yourself in the allure of its stylish round nose design, seamlessly connecting each step with a touch of sophistication. The journey upward becomes a visual delight, merging aesthetics with purpose. But that’s not all – our product comes complete with an exquisite 18″ round return cap. This isn’t just an accessory; It’s the finishing touch that transforms your staircase into a masterpiece. Picture a polished finish that not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also radiates inspiration with every ascent. Discover the artistry of design and the assurance of safety in one remarkable package. Elevate your space with a product that doesn’t just complement your staircase – it elevates the entire experience.

Additional information

Dimensions48 × 12 × 1.375 in
Color Name

Rattan Maple

Laminate Color/Code



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Remember that lighting makes all the difference in viewing the colors of our products! Your flooring, as a result, may look slightly different because of the lighting in your home than it does in the monitor and online here.

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