CLX Sanderling Oak 48″ Round Nose Tread


CLX Sanderling Oak 48″ Round Nose Tread

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Product/Part Type: 48" Round Nose Stair Tread
Part Article Number: FRVP6SDORFT48
Floor Article Number (SKU): RVP6SDO
Floor Type: Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank
Product Color: CoreLuxe
Collection: CoreLuxe
Price: 59.99

About This Finish: Introducing BestTreads round nose stair cover, an innovative solution for modern sophistication in your staircase. With its smooth, rounded nose design, this cover instantly refreshes your stairs' aesthetic. Versatile and transformative, it effortlessly upgrades any staircase. The Sanderling Oak finish, with its soft tan hue, suits coastal interiors perfectly, but its versatility extends to modern biophilic designs and rustic themes, making it a timeless choice for any space.

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BestTread’s round nose stair cover is an innovative, one-piece solution that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your staircase. This thoughtfully crafted retread cover boasts a smooth, rounded nose design, instantly refreshing the aesthetic of your stairs. It serves as a versatile and transformative solution, effortlessly upgrading your staircase. The cover features a stylish, round-nose design that revitalizes the appearance of your stairs with a contemporary flair. The soft tan hue of our Sanderling Oak emulates the grainy shores its namesake calls home. This finish will feel right at home in all manner of coastal interior design schemes, juxtaposed with delicate beach decor and tints of blue and white. No need to feel locked in to the seaside style, however, as the look of this versatile color goes just as well with modern biophilic interiors, rustic cottage replicas and just about any other aesthetic that highlights the splendor of Mother Nature.

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Dimensions48 × 12 × 1.375 in
Color Name

Sanderling Oak

Laminate Color/Code



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