RNC Bavarian White Oak 48″ Square Nose Tread


RNC Bavarian White Oak 48″ Square Nose Tread

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Product/Part Type: 48" Square Nose Stair Tread
Part Article Number: FRVP5BVWOSQRFT48
Floor Article Number (SKU): RVP5BVWO
Floor Type: Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank
Product Color: ReNature by CoreLuxe
Collection: ReNature by CoreLuxe
Price: 62.99

About This Finish: Experience stair elegance redefined with our square nose stair retread cover. This cutting-edge solution elevates your staircase effortlessly, blending modern sophistication with timeless functionality. Meticulously designed, it transforms stairs into visual masterpieces, harmonizing with any environment. Authentic graining details offer hardwood luxury, while contemporary chic meets traditional settings seamlessly. Redefine your home with innovation and grace, creating a captivating focal point that merges classic allure with modern design seamlessly.

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Discover – a new level of stair elegance with our square nose stair retread cover is a new, cutting-edge solution that effortlessly elevates your staircase to a realm of modern sophistication. Meticulously designed with a sleek square nose, this retread cover transforms your stairs into a visual masterpiece, seamlessly blending contemporary chic with timeless functionality. Infuse any environment with a radiant, elegant ambiance, as the finish harmonizes effortlessly with both modern and traditional settings. The authentic graining details add a touch of hardwood luxury, offering a tactile experience with each step. Redefine your home aesthetic with our square nose stair retread cover, where innovation converges with timeless grace. Turn your staircase into a captivating focal point that seamlessly merges the allure of classic hardwood with the sleekness of modern design. Step into a space where each ascent becomes a journey through refined beauty, creating a staircase that captivates with its enduring charm and contemporary flair.

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Dimensions48 × 11.5 × 1.375 in
Color Name

Bavarian White Oak

Laminate Color/Code



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