RNC Ravello Oak 47″ Stair Riser


RNC Ravello Oak 47″ Stair Riser

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Product/Part Type: 47" Stair Riser
Part Article Number: FRVP5RVLORFR47
Floor Article Number (SKU): RVP5RVLO
Floor Type: Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank
Product Color: ReNature by CoreLuxe
Collection: ReNature by CoreLuxe
Price: 19.99

About This Finish: The stair riser, a vital component in any staircase, connects steps and contributes to its overall appearance. Our revolutionary product enhances each step, transforming your home into an elevated living space. Make a statement with every tread, as our solution turns your staircase into a canvas of elevated living, blending functionality with style seamlessly.

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A stair riser plays a crucial role in a staircase, serving as the vertical element that connects one step or tread to another. It forms the upright face between two consecutive treads, creating the front of each step and contributing to the overall structure and appearance of the staircase. With our revolutionary product, every step is an opportunity to make a statement, turning your home into a canvas of elevated living.

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Dimensions47 × 0.375 × 7.5 in
Color Name

Ravello Oak

Laminate Color/Code



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Remember that lighting makes all the difference in viewing the colors of our products! Your flooring, as a result, may look slightly different because of the lighting in your home than it does in the monitor and online here.

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