TRQU Copper Ridge Oak 47″ Stair Riser


TRQU Copper Ridge Oak 47″ Stair Riser

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Product/Part Type: 48" Square Landing Flush Stair Nose
Part Article Number: FLVP5CRORFR47
Floor Article Number (SKU): LVP5CRO
Floor Type: Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Plank
Product Color: Tranquility Ultra
Collection: Tranquility Ultra
Price: 19.99

About This Finish: Our combination of features make BestTreads the perfect choice for those seeking both style and comfort in their staircase transformation. Revitalize your home with the BestTreads square nose stair covers - where innovation meets elegance, and each step becomes a statement of modern sophistication. Our square nose stair tread covers are best used for the top steps and landings of your staircases. These rich bronze-to-brown planks feature distressed texturing to resemble real hardwood and blend into a home full of activity.

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A stair riser serves as the vertical connection between two consecutive treads in a staircase, forming the front of each step. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Mother Nature with our Copper Ridge stair riser. Inspired by the peace and tranquility of a lakeside retreat, the warm tan hue and faithful wood grain embody the calming beauty of natural oak, transforming your space into the serene and secluded setting you’ve always wished for.

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Dimensions48 × 5 × 1.6 in
Color Name

Copper Ridge

Laminate Color/Code



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